Eris Propellers

About Eris Propellers

Eris Propellers has been Turkey’s leading propeller and equipments manufacturer for over 35 years. Now we bring our knowledge and experience to North America.

Eris Propellers combines old world knowledge with cutting edge technology to create superior quality propeller moulds and products.

From our home base in Turkey, which is renowned worldwide for its high quality and high value marine industry products, Eris Propellers has built its stellar reputation throughout Europe. Our focus is specifically on the production of propeller casting and casts for auxiliary equipments such as: rudders, bearings, struts, couplings, flanges, tiller arms, brackets and various castings.

We Meet ISO Standards

Our foundry manufactures 2,3,4 and 5 bladed propellers from 100mm diameter up to 2500mm in Wageningen, Gawn, and Kaplan styles. We design everything to meet and exceed ISO standards and various other class establishment standards.

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